We live in the future

We are focused on ushering in the future of innovative branding and advertising.

About Herren Consult

Herren Consult is a branding and digital communication agency, located in Lagos, Nigeria.

At Herren Consult, we are a collection of imaginative creators; innovative professionals, experts at getting things done. We are in business to build and differentiate brands, to give unique identities to our customers and make them stand out from their competitors.

Why should you choose us?

Your brand communicates objectives, mission and purpose, philosphy. It represents your business, to clients, investors, and the general public.

Working on and strengthening your brand is key to encouraging customer trial, building that relationship that sets you apart, and ultimately getting credit for the value you provide.

Working with formidable project management strategies, a healthy blend of imagination and logic, and expertise in the latest tools in creative communication, we create and deliver realistic and efficient solutions to your marketing and advertising challenges.


Strengthening your brand does so much for your business and clients, allowing for further growth and development.


Get it out there! Increasing both visibility and recognition for your brand allows marketing to go on, even when you are asleep at home.

Target Management

Brand engineering doesn't just advertise, it helps you keep track of your targets and vision.


While our main concern is planning and executing exciting brand strategies for your business, we also offer consultation and production in the following:

Creative Copywriting

Use language to create the right relationship with your clients, giving them the info to make a sound decision first time, every time. With copywriting, your brand gets its own voice and won't sound like everything else in the market.

Video Editing & Effects

When words and images are just not enough, videos can do the trick. With edited footage and video messages, you have better communication, while the audience are captivated for a measurable duration.

Web Design & Development

In this era of information and the Internet, a website can be your single most important brand tool. Your audience can find and learn about you quickly, and you can send the right message with a properly designed site.

Motion Graphics

Express yourself! Motion Graphics provide a "canvas" to illustrate an idea, allowing you to fuse art, design and imagination to tell a clearer story, and ultimately connect with your audience on greater levels!

Graphic Design

With strategic designs, you can communicate your position to your audience, as well leave a visual mark in their memories. Your symbols and colours can make your brand recognisable!

Mobile App Development

Creative mobile apps help convey brand messages, provide useful services and keep customers engaged while building loyalty in a crowded marketplace. They also ensure your business is running, whether you’re in the office or on vacation.

Our Work

Here are a few projects we've worked on.

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Best Western Classic Hotel
Best Western Classic Hotel | Herren Consult Portfolio Gallery
Cruzan Investments
Cruzan Investments | Herren Consult Portfolio Gallery
Algorhythm | Herren Consult Portfolio Gallery
Omagrey | Herren Consult Portfolio Gallery
Eyinju | Herren Consult Portfolio Gallery
Baronial Kitchen
Baronial Kitchen | Herren Consult Portfolio Gallery
Elite Wears
Elite Wears | Herren Consult Portfolio Gallery
Glowyn | Herren Consult Portfolio Gallery
Tech Cafe
Tech Cafe | Herren Consult Portfolio Gallery
Corporate Identity
OOMP | Herren Consult Portfolio Gallery


Herren Dev

Developing Next Generation Smart Technology

Herren's goal is to solve technical world problems, starting with Lagos & Nigeria, through the use of Information & Technology.

We believe that the future starts now and we are already living in it, and we want to add value and make life more comfortable by computerizing physical objects, tasks and behaviors.

This is what we, at Herren Dev, are dedicated to doing, “Building a comfortable future”.


Want to work with us? Give us a few details and we'll be in touch!